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How to level up faster in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – Multiplayer Guide

Every year, players frantically look for shortcuts to prestige in Call of Duty multiplayer. This year, Black Ops 3 presents another long-haul push if players want to reach the highest levels and unlock everything the game has to offer. However, for those wanting to get there a little faster, VideoGamer has put together a few tricks to help you rank up just a little quicker.

Play Capture the Flag for lots of XP

Capture the Flag is an excellent high-scoring game mode to play if you want to climb the ranks. Compared to modes like Search and Destroy, the respawn rate is much higher as there’s only a five second cooldown. Also, you earn points for so much more than just kills. You’ll get points for capturing the flag from an enemy base, killing a flag carrier, returning your flag and also taking the enemy flag to your base. Plus it’s 200 points for killing an enemy while carrying the flag. There are so many opportunities to score points that you can earn thousands every game, making it one of the most lucrative.

Kill Confirmed is also great for earning XP fast

Although Kill Confirmed halves the amount of points you earn for each kill, you can earn points by picking up the dog tags of fallen enemies or from your enemy’s kills. The only downside is that if an ally picks up the dog tags of an opponent you killed, you don’t receive as many points as collecting them yourself. Try your best to claim your own kills.

Choose achievable Scorestreaks to ensure you get that XP bonus

A lot of people choose Scorestreaks that sound cool, but never accumulate a sufficient amount of points in a single life to actually use them. By choosing Scorestreaks that you can actually unlock and use, you’ll earn extra points. Going with a HC-XD, UAV, Care Package combo as a newcomer, you give yourself the best chance of taking advantage of your score.

Check the Challenges which offer extra XP

There are Challenges which, upon completion, reward XP to help you level up. Each challenge also has a set of tiers: the higher the tier, the greater the XP reward. This is far and away the most effective way to level up in Call of Duty. Make sure you keep popping back to this menu to check the challenges and see which ones you’re closest to completing. More challenges will unlock as you level up, also.

Change your weapons to max your XP rewards

While you can get comfortable using the same guns, it’s worth changing from time to time and completing the challenges on offer with the rest of the arsenal. You receive XP rewards for every tier you complete after getting a certain amount of kills and assists.

While you may not often use shotguns, you can earn 500 XP for getting 100 kills with one, so try using some of your classes for weapon types you don’t frequently use. Make sure you’ve made the most of your standard weapons first, though, a good measure is that you’ve unlocked all of the available attachments before switching.

Switch Specialists to cash in on each XP reward

As with the guns, the Specialists also have bespoke challenges, so changing up which Specialists you use often will help earn bonus post-game XP rewards, too.

Play with a group of friends who all want to level up fast

This seems obvious, but there’s nothing more frustrating than joining a game halfway through and being stuck with a bunch of poor players who refuse to play the game, especially in objective-based modes. In order to get the most out of your time with the game, find a group of like-minded pals to work together and earn as much XP as possible from every single encounter.

Stay until the end of the game to ensure you don’t miss post-match bonus XP

As frustrating as these poor games can be, especially when nothing seems to go your way, you need to see it through to the finish in order to receive your post-match bonuses. Although sometimes your post-game XP can be small, you don’t know if you’ve completed a challenge until you’re back in the main menu, so again, worth sticking with it.

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